recording services

David’s recording career has recently been re-established through a new partnership with Crear to cover their concert and master-class programme, encompassing a wide-ranging genre from lieder to Scots fiddle to poetry. The recordings are made to the highest standard, but are so far only for archive and distribution to the artistes, from whom the feedback has been enthusiastic. As a result, an opportunity to record two of the Crear Scholars for Naxos is currently under negotiation.

    Equipment available:
      • 2 x Neumann KM86 multi-pattern
     • 2 x Neumann TLM103 cardioid
     • 2 x AKG C414 B-ULS multi-pattern
     • 2 x Calrec CM1051 cardioid
    Mixing desks:
     • 3 x Audio Developments AD145
     • 1 x Lexicon PCM90 digital reverb
     • 1 x Studer A810
     • 2 x Alesis MasterLink 9600
     • 2 x Quad 405
     • 2 x BBC LS3/5a
     • 2 x B&W DM2a
     • 2 x Active Acoustics One
     • Samplitude Master v10

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